Z Balls END of an ERA Seasons Final 2003 - 2018

GRAND FINAL - DEC 12th 7pm



Nothing is needed to enter and entry is free for current Z Ball members but $40 for non Z Ball members

Entry is limited to 30 players plus out of towner players which have been prearranged with Z ball

Z Ball members will take preference over the general public, current members need to arrive between 6 to 6.30pm to gain entry, then remainder of the places left after 6.30pm are open to the public up till 7pm.


Because this is the end of an era, this comp will run the same as previous ones, no IFPA rating

The machine you are playing on is a mystery until the night, the only hint you get is it will be old

Playing order will be decided by a digital randomiser

You get the first 2 games for free and the scores are averaged between the 2 games played

Once all players have played the winner will be revealed by having the highest average score

Round 3 and onwards are paid rounds, each player will be asked if they want to continue in the same order as previous but the 3rd game will be aimed at bettering your average score, if you score a lower score than your previous 2 it WILL NOT COUNT and you will remain on your original score. If you better your previous scores your current score will replace the lowest of your original 2 and of course up your average. Each paid round costs $20 per game. If you choose NOT to play an extra game the competition will end for you there, the only person that is exempt from this rule is the current leader of that particular round


The comp will end when either we are running low on time OR there are no more challengers to the current leader. Once the last round is played we have a winner!


Once the winner has been revealed and all games have been played the winner will have to choose on the spot wether they want the $2000 cash which will be available on the night OR go for the mystery pinball machine which could be anything from an OLD EM to SOLID STATE (The machine will not be available to take home on the night, arrangements will need to be made to pick the machine up from Alexandria )- no one will know what the machine is until the choice has been made, its a tough decision, but who said life is easy!


Thank you all for supporting the past 14 seasons and 15 years of Z Ball and Z Ball comps

After 14 comps and giving away nearly $50,000 in machines and cash over the years it is time for a break, we will still be around so make sure you stay in touch via this website, Facebook, Instagram and soon to be You Tube Channel.

Bye from me - Mr Z