Z Balls END of an ERA Seasons Final 2003 - 2018

GRAND FINAL - DEC 12th 7pm



Due to large amount of interest in this last grand final Z ball has made some changes to adjust for the large amount of interest, these again are only a guide and things can change on the night


All current and paid Z BALL members are eligible, and entry is free

All NON Z Ball members the entry cost is $40

Z Ball members get preference and the comp has now opened to the maximum of 50 players only

As a NON Z BALL member you need to get there early otherwise you may miss out or get bumped for a Z ball member

ALL PLAYERS must be in at the ANNANDALE and registered by 7pm as the comp starts at 7pm!


Starts at 7pm, there are now 2 mystery ‘old’ machines in which each competitor will get to play once on each, once all players have played both machines once, scores recorded and then each player will be RANKED on each machine with the leader receiving 1 point, 2nd place receiving 2 points etc until all players have received points from both machines – these 2 rankings will then be added together to get an overall score and position in the comp. At this stage of the comp we will have a leader and a potential winner – but of course it doesn’t end there!


At this point EVERYONE has the chance to buy another game on ONE of the machines you choose to improve your score and ranking, you must make this decision when asked, if you choose NOT to buy in then, then the comp ends for you right there and then, you cannot later on in the comp come back in and buy in.

Each buy in is $20

Your original score will not be lost if you under achieve on that game

Everyone will have the option and it will go in rounds

The amount of buy ins will be dictated by time on the night, everyone will be warned beforehand when it is the last round


After the last BUY IN round is completed, we will have a winner, the winner will have to choose on the spot whether they want the $2000 cash on the night OR a real life pinball machine (But you don’t know what the machine is until you accept it) It’s a gamble and a hard decision!

Look forward to seeing you all on the night – it is gonna be fun!!!!