2018 Event Calendar

2018 Calender

Final Dates for 2018

Please Note: Anyone can enter the final, check out the rules on the Grand Final for more details

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OCT 30th, Tuesday 7pm
Orange Grove Hotel, Lilyfield
Match Play Knock Out
Z bit coins
NOV 14th, Wednesday 7pm
Courthouse Hotel, Newtown
Match Play Knock out
Z bit coins
NOV 28th, Wednesday 7pm
Courthouse Hotel, Newtown
Match Play Knock Out
Z bit coins
DEC 3rd, Monday 7pm
ZBalls Xmas giveaway!!
Lord Raglan Hotel
Special comp to find the top 6 players - this is not your normal comp!!
6 prizes totalling over $1000! from cash to FIT BITS!
DEC 12th, Wednesday 7pm
Annandale Hotel, Annandale
Free for Z Ball members $40 for non members
$2000 cash OR a mystery pinball machine - Your choice!

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"Match Play" Swiss Pairings:

6 rounds of 2 games each. 4 player games. so each player is playing 12 x 4 player games.
With Swiss pairings, when the round is done it will match people up depending on the points. So the best will keep playing with the best and those that are having a bad day with others having a bad day of pinball!
NO FINALS. the last round is essentially the final. Who ever ends up with the most points for the entire day wins!! Points for the final round DO NOT determine the winner. It is the total points you accumulate for the entire day. If there are any draws for 1-4 there will be a playoff match for those positions.
Scoring will be: 7-4-2-0

"Match Play" Group Knock Out:

Players will be randomly selected into groups of 4 using Matchplay software. Matchplay will also determine the play order and machine choice. 
The 3rd and 4th place player in each match will earn a strike. once a player has received the designated amount of strikes they will be eliminated out of the competition
In the event of 3 has been drawn, only the 3rd place player will earn a strike.
Play will continue until there is only one player remaining in the competition who will be declared the winner