If you are looking to do Pinball, Buck hunter, Donkey Kong, Pool or any kind of competition, one off or regular event we can help you out there as well, send us a message and a brief on what you would like to do, we can supply prizes, ideas, venue and machines and make it happen for you…. seriously, its great fun!

You can also keep track of Z Ball via Face Book and Instagram, we have a lot going on and this is the best way of keeping your finger on the BUTTON!


  • Z Ball Pinball Facebook – this is a page that will keep you informed on our latest 
  • Pinballs for Sale in Australia – this is a group you can join where we all swap, trade and buy pinball and arcade games – join up!
  • Australian Pinball Players Association – this is a new group we have just set up which will keep you informed on the latest competitions that involve Z BALL and Z BALL venues
  • Z Ball 2020 – This is the newest group that is purely about Z Balls’ future venue, stay in touch with our antics as we find the perfect venue for OUR barcade somewhere in Sydney
  • Instagram – You can follow either Z Ball Pinball or Z Ball Amusements