Hire and CREATE

  • Create your own games room in your venue with virtually no cost
  • Attract more customers that stay longer
  • Be part Z Ball Amusements social network
  • Opportunity to create your own events and competitions
  • Use the Z Bit currency for unique giveaways
  • Latest machines and classics to cover ALL age groups

Read on for more details!

The Courthouse Hotel in Newtown, a typical Z Ball Club night (Nov 2018)

bbhd_80_largeDoes your venue need…






at virtually NO COST!

Then look no further than Z Ball Amusements!

Here is a small selection

of some of the cool games you can get in your venue to entertain your customers.

Also great for attracting families as they are great to keep the kids occupied while the parents can relax!

Please be aware that some games pictured are subject to availability


We can create a games area or room, this gives the best impact and highest revenue for the venue.

All games are maintained by Z Ball on a regular basis, they are also rotated if they do not perform

to suit your customers needs.

Z Ball is hospitality based and the owner has worked (and still is) in pubs and clubs for over 30

years so we certainly understand the market.

Z Ball is currently operating in many pubs throughout NSW, check out our locations page for some

of the current venues which will also give you an idea of our diversity

Z Ball is now well into its 2nd decade of operating not only machines but also as a club, this is

what sets us above the rest as we are a community based and have many events throughout the year

in which we support the venues that support us, our customers and club members will support any

Z Ball venue so that means you will gain new clientele as well as entertain the old.

QUESTIONS ANSWERED – for FULL details on any of the subjects below please go to 


If we get a few games in does this cost us anything?

No, nothing – Some machines require small costs to run which is deducted on your invoice on collection


So which machines require deductions for cost to run?

Buck Hunters HD if you choose to have them on line, Photo Booths and Redemption Games. For full

breakdowns on costs please check our TERMS and CONDITIONS page

How much money can I make?

ALL Z Ball machines are set to 50% commission on gross earnings, yep, you get half of what they take.

What happens if no one plays them?

Highly unlikely, but maybe your in an area with no population? 

Z ball will keep an eye on the machines, suggest to change machines, different positioning etc. If all fails

then there are many other ways of keeping the machines on premise through rental options

What happens if one of our customers damages one of your machines?

Malicious damage, although very rare, can happen. Z Ball does expect general wear and tear but

sometimes disaster can strike. The venue is ultimately responsible for any machine on premise

Reimbursement for damage and repair can be handled in many ways and Z Ball will work with

the venue for the best option.

If we have your machines in our venue what else to we get?

Good question, this is where Z Ball is unique, way better than any other operator because we are a 


machines you have the more free advertising you get with us. A whole games room will get you

on to our events list – no other company promotes and generates customers for their machines. It

is as simple as that, you get machines, you will get customers