Z Ball Amusements began in 2004 in Newtown, Sydney, Australia. Over the next 3 years we created a large games room out the back of the Newtown Hotel, soon to be the site of our first pinball competition and then the creation of the Z Ball Club.

By 2007 that was Sydneys FIRST official BARCADE, way ahead of its time with a total of 18 pinballs, 2 pool tables, Retro video games including Street Fighter, Galaga, Sega Outrun and more. Old gun machines a very questionable Skill Tester and even Air Hockey.

Sadly, by the end of 2007, the building had to be renovated, it took 3 years for this to happen… so Z Ball really hit the streets and started turning up in venues all around Sydney. 

The Newtown Hotel re-opened 2011 and I’m proud to say we are back there again! Z Ball is currently looking for a large space to create a barcade bigger and better than before – let us know if you have something!

From 2004 to this present day we have been running annual pinball competitions for our club. This involves many of the venues that carry our pinball machines as the club members are required to play them to compete and ultimately win the major prize which is a pinball machine of their own!

In the last few years Z Ball has also gotten involved with BUCK HUNTER HD, promoting and supporting the major tournaments here in Australia and the world competition in the USA.

To sum up, we are NOT a company that just drops machines at your venue and that’s it. We plan, market and create. If you currently have machines in your venue already you may want to ask yourself what has that company done for you? Have they rotated them recently? Do you have the latest? Have they advertised your venue? Are they audited? Are you getting your fair share?

ZBALL – there is so much we could be doing for you!