Pinball Repair

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This page contains handy info on doing repairs to your own pinball.

Remember if you don't have the time to strip and repair your own pinball then I can do it it for you - just drop me a line and I can let you know if I can do it and give you a quote.

The photos below are handy if you have one of these pinballs and want to strip and clean it yourself. The biggest issue I have had in the past with 90's machines is once you have stripped them you tend forget where certain post and rubbers go and you always seem to end up with a spare piece of plastic which seems to go nowhere - well this solves this problem, click on the pinball type you are after and it will download the whole file of photos in adobe

I hope this helps you and keep an eye on it as I will keep adding more and more as time goes by - cheers RZ


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