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    1. AGREEMENT: Once you have filled out and registered your initials for Pinball Comp, Tournaments OR bought a ticket then you have agreed and accepted these terms and conditions automatically. Please make sure you read through these carefully
    2. PLEASE ENSURE that you are a decent human being – My competitions are about fun, do not enter if you are aggressive with pinballs, devoid of a personality or just a moody bastard! Seriously, it is all about us all getting together, playing and talking pinball over a beer. Z Ball is ALL about keeping PINBALL out in the world and introducing it to new people and new generations. Z Ball is NOT interested in pinball politics and will NOT support people who are negative or nasty. Z BALL SUPPORTS ALL pinball groups, operators, leagues and competitions... You see, the more pinballs that are out there the more people get to play them... basic logic, huh!
    3. REGISTRATION: Registration process is done on this website only. The cost is $40 or $10, Depending on what type of membership you want. Payment is done through PAYPAL or credit card. Z BALL is not responsible for any issues with Pay Pal. MEMBERSHIP can only be paid for this way, cash on the night will not be accepted.
    4. If you are NOT a Z Ball member or have not renewed your membership you are unable to claim ANY cash prize. YOU MUST BE A FULLY PAID MEMBER
    5. $10 entry = Is the very basic entry level - this gives you entry into all Z Ball competitions, but you do not qualify for PIN POINTS (TM)
    6. $40 entry= Gets you into everything ZBALL and you are able to earn PIN POINTS (TM) as well, when you register.
    7. PIN POINTS (TM) cannot be redeemed for cash and hold NO CASH VALUE
    8. PIN POINTS are collected by just turning up Z Ball events, winning competitions, getting on the HIGH SCORE tables and more
    9. You can view your pinpoints by logging into the members page on this website. This will show you ALL participating members INITIALS and ONLY the total amount of pinpoints they have collected. If you wish to have a summary of how you have collected your points there will be a button to click and Z ball will email out your pin point breakdown.
    10. PIN POINTS can only be spent in the Z Ball shop and Z Ball competitions, merchandise and pinball parts
    11. PIN POINTS cannot be transfered to other members and they will EXPIRE on DECEMBER 31st of each year, so make sure you use them!
    12. PIN POINTS have a maximum reach of 500 points, once you hit that top of 500 you need to start spending as you won't be able to earn more!!
    13. MINI COMPS: will always be part of most Z Ball meets. These competitions are another way of collecting PINPOINTS. They are designed for the PROFESSIONALS and AMATEURS with fun competitions which are more about luck than skill and tough comps for the HARDCORE PLAYERS which are all about SKILL All competitions are designed by Z Ball and rules put in place. Z Ball will always have the final say in all outcomes and will always try to be fair. By participating you are accepting Z Ball is the be all and end all of these comps and final say is final.
    14. TOURNAMENTS: These operate independently to the normal pinball comps. You must be registered Z BALL MEMBER to collect the cash from winning a tournament. Tournaments can run varying lengths of time and all the details of cash amounts and time factors are available on the actual machine. If you are a cash winner, check the TOURNAMENT section on this site for the details. You can only collect your cash at a Z Ball MEET and you have 2 months to collect – I WILL NOT CHASE YOU if it is not collected then it will go toward the cash JACKPOT for the next round of Tournaments.  Remember when playing in tournament mode the game will NOT give you free games or extra balls.
    15. ZBALL reserves the right to cancel a tournament at any time without redeeming the prize money if the machine malfunctions, accidental wipe or some other crazy shit happens – PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK
    16. HIGH SCORES in TOURNAMENT MODE do not count towards ANY PIN POINTS unless STATED by ZBALL. We will have PIN POINTS or CASH TOURNAMENTS over the season
    17. COMPETITION DURATION: The competition usually runs over 5 months. Sometimes circumstances can bring this date forward or back. It’s unusual for this to happen but you will be notified of any changes 7 days before the official ending date.
    18. COMPETITION - GENERAL: Once registered you can play ANY of the assigned Z BALL PINBALL'S over the duration of the competition on any day at any time you choose - you do not have to be there on the Tuesday or Wednesday meets and it does not affect your placement in the competition.
    19. COMPETITION - GETTING INTO THE FINAL: Check out 2016 comps page for details on buying tickets for the finals, you can use PIN POINTS or CASH or BOTH! Paying completely with PIN POINTS gives you an EARLY BIRD advantage in buying a ticket as both competitions are limited in number of tickets
    20. COMPETITION MACHINES: ALL Z BALL pinballs can earn you PIN POINTS over the SEASON, all you have to do is get your name ANYWHERE on the HIGH SCORE table each month, At the beginning of each NEW month Z BALL will reset ALL machines and video the HIGH SCORE TABLE. You will receive 1 PIN POINT per high score with a limit of 20 points per month, your MARATHON scores will ALSO COUNT! Remember if a machine has a BUY IN FEATURE in operation and you choose to use this to achieve a high score IT STILL COUNTS in the competition. Please do not whine to me about this feature as YOU ALL HAVE THE SAME OPPORTUNITY to use it and it has been part of ALL the past competitions. Remember HIGH SCORES are HIGH SCORES and the competition does not include game specific high scores like ROOF CHAMPION, LOOP SCORE etc
    21. ZBALL reserves the right to disqualify any one from the competition for whatever reason!
    22. COMPETITION MACHINE FAULTS: If any of the machines in the competition breakdown, blow up, reset, have issues, features stop, fuse or go crazy and you LOSE YOUR HIGH SCORE - then you have lost that score. I cannot take responsibility for your scores. I will tell you that this has happened in the past competitions on a machine or two and I'm sure it will happen in the future as pinball's DO BREAKDOWN - YES even NEW STERN pinballs breakdown within days of owning them! - most of the time high scores remain intact but if a battery fails or the CPU board shorts high scores will be lost. Sometimes on the new Sterns just doing an update will take out the scores! Sadly in the past some people have tried to take advantage of this situation so I have eliminated it out of the equation by saying the only scores that count are the ones on the machines at the end of the month period. REMEMBER you play at your own RISK and I have the final say in the comp.
    23. Playing games for other people or putting up your friends initials to get them points is up to you obviously I can't police that - so if your scoring PIN POINTS for someone else so be it... I'm not going to stop you
    24. THE FINALS: Will be held on a specific night stated for these competitions. All finalists must be there at the allotted time. If you are unable to make it - tough!  During the final all finalists will be randomly drawn to create an order. You will all play the same machine and you only have 3 games! The TOTAL scores of those 3 games will added together and then averaged - the highest score on the night wins! Each score will be signed for by the player! Time permitting you may have the chance to replay your lowest scoring game for a better result - this will cost you $20 to do this
    25. THE FINAL MACHINES: Are a secret until the night - it can be any machine, from any era, but it will not be a machine that has been in the current competition. If the machine malfunctions during the final it voids your game unplayable then a replacement game will be given. If the machine dies during the final and cannot be resurrected a new final will be played at a later date and all previous scores will be void on that final machine.
    26. THE GRAND PRIZES: If you win a pinball machine, please remember that YOU WILL NEED TO ARRANGE TO PICK UP THE MACHINE YOURSELF - it will not be delivered. The prize machine will be located in the Sydney metro area. No warranty will come with the winning machine. The machine will be in working order but as you know with pinballs they do break down. YOU ARE NOT WINNING A NEW PINBALL - it is 2nd hand. DO NOT ENTER THIS COMPETITION: if you are expecting a brand new pinball and you expect it not to break down or you expect Z Ball to fix it for free!! THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES, NO RESPONSIBILITY for the machine once it leaves my hands. However Z BALL will be happy to give you advice for free over the phone if any issues should arise and we are happy to do out calls to fix, but that will cost you in labour and call out fees Well that's it..... please support ALL competitions as there is a pinball revolution happening as we speak and I think it is great!
    27. Z is for ZBALL


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